Welcome to Open Justice Oklahoma

Who We Are

Open Justice Oklahoma (OJO) seeks to improve understanding of our justice system through analysis of public data. Working closely with justice system stakeholders and advocates, we use cutting-edge methods to identify problems, craft solutions, and measure reform outcomes.

Our goal is to provide all Oklahomans with a more complete understanding of how our justice system operates and how we can use it to efficiently reduce crime and improve rehabilitation.

Open Justice Oklahoma is a project of Oklahoma Policy Institute and is led by Ryan Gentzler. OJO is primarily funded by grants from FWD.us and the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

What We Do

OJO gathers, cleans, and standardizes data from various sources, including jail, court, and corrections records. We use that data to produce analyses and tools for several different audiences:

  • Public data tools that allow advocates, journalists, and the public to understand broad trends in local justice systems;
  • Stakeholder tools that provide insights to allow prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys, and others to understand the effects of their policies and practices;
  • Practitioner tools that help justice-related nonprofits and others to understand the needs and refine their approaches to rehabilitation.

See case studies of our work here.